Noodle salad

photo 2

Noodle salad.  Well, that’s a bland-sounding title for a very lovely dish!  I made it because I had bought a bag of bean sprouts to make a pad Thai but then didn’t have the energy on a hot evening to give it the love and attention that pad Thai needs.

So I needed to make something else with bean sprouts and decided on a noodle salad.  It’s a deliberately vague name as it’s much more about the component parts Continue reading

Island-style bacon and eggs


photo 3

 ‘But Rach, bacon and eggs isn’t Thai food!’

I hear you.

But, done like this, it is for me.  It’s what I call ‘island-style’ bacon and eggs and reminds me of eating in the sunshine, sitting on the sand at a low table Continue reading

Salmon with a very good hot, sweet, sour sauce


Salmon’s not my favourite fish, I have to say; I often find it too bland.  But is is good for us, being an oily fish, and as I’m having a couple of meat-free weeks, I’m experimenting beyond my staples of white fish and – more often – seafood.

And this is a fantastic dinner – full of flavour and goodness, easy to make Continue reading

Pasta with lemon



Roll up! Roll up! Second entry into Rest of the World happening right now.

Super-easy, super-quick lemon sauce for pasta and fittingly for today, a sunny first day of June, it is sunshine on a plate. Continue reading

Gai/nuea pad med mamuang – stir fried chicken/beef with cashew nuts


So, my beautiful Big Niece has come to stay for a night – just overnight to break the journey to Cornwall. I wanted to get a picture of us together cooking dinner Continue reading