Tom yum goong – hot sour soup with prawns


There are so many great tom yum pastes readily available that you don’t really have to make your own … except that it is so easy, so lovely and just smells so good!  Lime leaves and lemongrass are two of my very favourite scents  - I sometimes even use a dab of lemongrass essential oil in place of perfume.

But it has to be said that it is easy only if – and it might be a big if – you can find all the ingredients.

I got all these lovely things today Continue reading

New post, same chilli paste in oil/chilli jam – nam prik pao


Yes, I keep banging on about it but this stuff is really easy to make and really good.

Versatile, tasty. Easy chilli paste in oil (nam prik pao)

Perfect for cooking with or as a condiment, and also needed in the tom yum recipe coming up soon …

Go on – make some!

How to cook perfect rice every time


I was pretty horrified last night watching Masterchef to see how many of the contestants couldn’t cook rice. (Even more horrified by the one who said she didn’t like rice, but I’m trying to forget I even heard it).

But if people entering a cooking competition are struggling with it then there must be lots of others unsure too. I used to find rice tricky Continue reading

Easiest-ever authentic gang keow wan gai – Thai green curry with chicken


Ok, so first … authentic? Yes, because I learnt to cook Thai curries exactly they way they were cooked and served and as customers enjoyed them and paid for them – in a Thai restaurant in Thailand cooked by Thai cooks!

So yes, they did use ready-made pastes. Granted, we bought the pastes from the market, a big scoop from a pile of paste into a bag, but a good paste is a good paste Continue reading

Spicy stir fried squid

squid final

In my mind I’m at the fishing port of Ban Phe, whiling away the time before the ferry to Koh Samet by having a a very spicy squid dish Continue reading

Pork and prawn balls in noodle soup


This is a really lovely soup and very quick to make too (well, after the meatballs have chilled for half an hour in the fridge!).  Very clean tasting broth with lime and ginger, and great textures with the soup, meatballs and noodles – and then fresh spring onions and chillies layer the flavour even more.

Especially quick if you are using up left over pork and prawn mixture after making the sesame toasts. And also if, like me, you’re using a ready mixed pack of stir fry veg and Continue reading

Pork and/or prawn sesame toasts


I decided to make these on a whim the other evening as I had a smallish piece of pork tenderloin left over from my Chinese-style BBQ pork, there was some sliced bread that needed using up, and I always have a bag of prawns in the freezer. So really there was nothing for it but pork and prawn sesame toasts!

You can make these toasts with either pork or prawn, or a mixture Continue reading