Vodka sours


Let’s kick off the weekend with a cocktail!  These vodka sours aren’t Thai at all but they do go exceptionally well with these lovely spicy cashews  – plus they’re just delicious and very very simple. Continue reading

Brunch invention – ruam mit gratiem/kao pad cross


There was rice left over from cooking dinner last night and I’d been planning a kao pad gai – fried rice with chicken – for brunch this morning.  I don’t know why I’m saying it like this was an accident – I had deliberately made more rice last night than was needed Continue reading

Ruam mit gratiem – mixed stir fry with garlic (and prawn, squid, pork)


I think I’ve made ‘mixed together stir fry with garlic’ but I’m not entirely sure what it’s called exactly.  I don’t really know the translated name in English … I know it’s garlic and I suspect it means ‘mixed together with garlic’ Continue reading

Thai salted eggs – kai kaem


Exciting! I’m making something today that I’ve never made before and I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten before – and it’s going to be 30 days until it’s ready and I can try it.

Salted eggs. Originally brined as a preserving method, they apparently have a salty white and a rich yolk and are boiled before being used in recipes or cooked to have with rice or congee.  You can just cook them with the rice for the last few minutes in the saucepan or in a rice cooker – sounds like the simplest meal ever to me and I can’t wait to try it. Continue reading

Cucumber dipping sauce



A really lovely sweet-spicy dipping sauce, perfect for serving with Thai fishcakes or fried fish balls, or anything else you like! Continue reading

More tasty eggs – Turkish eggs this time


‘Same same but not same same’.  That’s the Thai bit done then!

These eggs (straight into ‘rest of the world’ category of course) are very delicious and a Middle Eastern take on the Italian eggs-in-purgatory.

This one isn’t my recipe either (eggs in purgatory is a Nigella recipe) – it’s my friend Amanda’s and it was absolutely perfect for a weekend brunch Continue reading