Cucumber dipping sauce



A really lovely sweet-spicy dipping sauce, perfect for serving with Thai fishcakes or fried fish balls, or anything else you like! Continue reading

More tasty eggs – Turkish eggs this time


‘Same same but not same same’.  That’s the Thai bit done then!

These eggs (straight into ‘rest of the world’ category of course) are very delicious and a Middle Eastern take on the Italian eggs-in-purgatory.

This one isn’t my recipe either (eggs in purgatory is a Nigella recipe) – it’s my friend Amanda’s and it was absolutely perfect for a weekend brunch Continue reading

Pad keemao gai – drunken noodles with chicken


I love pad keemao (drunken noodles) – and no surprise there as it has my same favourite pad krapow flavours but in a rice noodle dish and with some more veg.

So the same rules apply! If you can get krapow – Thai holy basil – then that’s the best. If you can’t but you can get fresh or jarred horapha – Thai sweet basil – then definitely do that! And if you can’t get either then honestly I would still make it Continue reading

Fried prawn balls


I’ve been cooking so much recently (which I have loved) that I’ve now got a lot to catch up with here and lots of recipes to share. Can’t wait!

Will start with these little fried prawn balls I made a few nights ago – and I think  everyone liked them. Well, they ate them! These are good served with Continue reading

Green smoothie to start the day

photo-15 copy

Definitely this is in the ‘rest of the world’ category rather than anything Thai!  The green smoothie trend shows no signs of slowing down and I love them.

You don’t really need a recipe, just throw things in a blender, but I make mine like this. Continue reading

Noodle salad

photo 2

Noodle salad.  Well, that’s a bland-sounding title for a very lovely dish!  I made it because I had bought a bag of bean sprouts to make a pad Thai but then didn’t have the energy on a hot evening to give it the love and attention that pad Thai needs.

So I needed to make something else with bean sprouts and decided on a noodle salad.  It’s a deliberately vague name as it’s much more about the component parts Continue reading

Island-style bacon and eggs


photo 3

 ‘But Rach, bacon and eggs isn’t Thai food!’

I hear you.

But, done like this, it is for me.  It’s what I call ‘island-style’ bacon and eggs and reminds me of eating in the sunshine, sitting on the sand at a low table Continue reading